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By accessing through the menu “Administration” option “My account” will open the information of your account where you can see:

  • The email of the main administrator and the subdomain you CANNOT change
  • The data of your company that you can change
  • The type of account, pricing plan, country, currency and taxes applied to your account that you CANNOT change
  • The forms and type of payment for your account that you CANNOT change
  • In case of professional accounts: The collection modules (the way you charge your customers) that you have assigned to you, as well as the data you must enter for your configuration (IDs, passwords, apis, signatures), note that you can have enabled for your account only some of those available in the system, the default module in your account is bank transfer. You will find that you can enter the holder of your account and your account data, this will be used in the communications of orders that customers you manage make in the platform