This Sunday there has been a major update in the platform that involves updating versions of various technical elements, such as PHP, SQL, etc.. in addition to updating the frame of the platform itself. This supposes:

  • Higher browsing speeds
  • More power in data loading

Due to the magnitude of the update, it is possible that in the coming days some “bugs” will appear in the use of the platform. Although we do multiple tests in each update is normal that may arise some process that does not work as we expect in strong updates. If you find anything that is not working properly, please put a support ticket so that we be aware.

We have also changed the system of Competencies Dictionary and Competencies Sets. This means:

  • Easier to see and manage competencies
  • Translation of own competencies into the languages supported by the system
  • Import competencies in one or more languages from Excel
  • Now the set of competencies used in a project can be edited within the project (in the “Project Configuration” section) to correct questions (this sets used in the projects are now independent of the Dictionaries).