We are pleased to present the new:

DISC Telework Profile Module.

This new module allows us to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a person in the remote work environment, as well as the best ways to communicate with other colleagues working in the same way.

We find 4 areas of the remote work profile with respect to the person being assessed, which are:

  • Communication style with colleagues and supervisors
  • Work organization and productivity
  • Reporting and feedback management
  • Areas of special strength

We also find a guide on how to communicate and interact from our profile to other types of DISC profiles.

As with the other DISC modules, in the Premium Version, it is free, in the Standard and Basic Versions it costs 3 credits. Reports already generated can NOT be updated with this module, although we are working on it.

Download an example here: Spanish  Portuguese  English

A new way to fulfill the Radar assessment

Now it’ s easier to fulfill the Radar 360º assessment, with these improvements:

  • When you take the radar test, only one question comes up and when you answer it, the next one appears. Previously, they all appeared at the same time.
  • Now a “Comments” button appears under each test that the observers are evaluating (if comments were activated in the project), which is much clearer than before when only a pencil icon appeared.
  • When we enter a comment, when we save it we can see the printed comment under the valuation of each evaluator.
  • In addition, fulfilling the radar assessment on phones was complex in some mobile browsers. Now it is much simpler since the valuation in the mobile version are displayed vertically