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You will find 6 sections:


On the left side, you will find the access menus. If you need more screen space, or if you access using a mobile device, you will see this button at the top. With this button, you can hide or show the menu.

Top options and credits

At the top, you will find your credit bank, languages, notifications, change of access and log out.

Bank of credits

This tells you the credits you have available. You will see that there are three data: The total of your credits, your free credits and your assigned credits. When you purchase credits, they appear in your credit account. When you create projects, the system “blocks” the credits needed for that project as “assigned credits” and subtracts them from our free credit account, however, those credits remain in our account, since they are not spent until reports are generated. We can therefore “de-allocate” credits by varying the number of evaluates allocated to a project.


With this option you can choose the language in which your platform is displayed.


In this section you can consult the notifications that the system sends you. 

Access change

If you manage more than one account, you can access it directly from this option

Log out of the system

When you want to log out from the system it is best to do so through this option and not simply “closing” the browser. This will help your browser not give you cache problems when logging back in to your account and also maintains the security of your account.

If, for example, a candidate other than yourself is going to use your (your) computer to take a test, it is imperative that you log out of your account using this “log out” option before the candidate accesses the test, or it will not work.

Latest projects

These are the last projects you have created. What is a Project? A project is an assessment process that has a specific type of assessment and one or more assessed. We will see more in the “Projects” menu.

6. Latest evaluations completed

In this section you can see the latest evaluations that have been completed, you can directly access that project or even download the report directly from here.

7. Latest notifications
In this section, you can see the latest notification of the system as well as created projects, completed assessments, etc., as well as those we send you with news or announcements. If you click on the “View all” button you will see all the notifications with the complete content (details) of them
8.Credits Calculator
The credit calculator allows you to calculate the cost of the evaluations you want to make and purchase the credits. Please refer to the “Credit Calculator” section of this help to understand what it is for and how to use it. You can also purchase credits directly when you create a project.