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When you send an invitation for a DISC evaluation, the person will receive by email a link to his or her test. Clicking on the link will take him/her to a login web page.

The user email is pre-populated (if that user has never logged in). The user must enter a password of their choice (to ensure that they can re-enter and complete the test if they leave it undone).

The person being assessed must accept that he or she has read the instructions, otherwise, the test cannot begin

24 groups of phrases are presented. The person being evaluated must order from 4 to 1 (using all the values, 4, 3, 2, 1), with 4 being what most describes him/her and 1 being what least. If he or she does not feel 100% identified with, he or she should also value it according to what is closest to him or her.

The evaluated must complete all 24 groups and at the end will be asked to confirm their evaluation. It is VERY important that upon confirmation he or she waits for a message to appear that his or her evaluation was generated successfully, which may take a few moments. He or she should NOT close the browser window until the success message appears.