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Choose the type of evaluation and modules for your project

Type of assessment

Choose the family of assessments you want to apply, this will open up the available assessments. Choose the specific assessment, this will open the available modules (if any). Choose the modules you want to include, if you only want the base report, do not choose any module. Note that there are modules that are not compatible with each other, if you choose a module with incompatibilities, the system will color the incompatible modules and you will not be able to add those. To deselect a module, report or family, simply click on it again.

Project cost

First write the number of people to be assessed (not observers, in case of competency radars, only the people being assessed)

Below you can see the cost of the project, the necessary credits and the cost in your currency (without tax). If you have enough credits available in your account, you can create the project and the system will assign these credits to you (you will take them out of the available credits and transfer them to assigned credits). If you do not have credits or do not have enough, the system will tell you the additional credits you need to acquire for this project and will give you several options:

  • Acquire lacking credits and create the project.
  • Save the project as a draft. This is done when you are not ready to purchase credits at that time but will do so later or when you want to purchase a large package of credits to benefit from discounts (through the credit calculator) and activate the project using some of those credits from your purchased package. In this case, your project will be drafted in your project list and you will be able to enter again later from the list options and complete it to activate it.

If you are not interested in creating this project, simply get out of it.

Once the project has been created, you will have direct access to it and will be able to manage your evaluations.

In the case of Radars, you will go to a “Radar Settings” window that you will see in the tutorial “Create a 360º competency radar step by step”.