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In this section, you can customize emails and report front cover page

Invitation Email

You can use the standard invitation email of the system that is sent to the test taker with the access to the test, you can use a personalized email that you have already created or have used on another occasion, or you can create a new email with the text that you want. The system will automatically embed the test link at the bottom of your personalized email. If you create a new email, give it a unique and recognizable name, as the system will create a template with that personalized email that you can choose in other projects as well. In the “Project customization” menu you can manage all your templates.

If you choose a template or create a new one and change your mind at the moment, just click on the small “x” next to the template name to choose another option.

Email to send the report

As in the previous case, you can customize the email the person being evaluated receives with a copy of his or her report (if you chose to have the people being evaluated receive a copy of the reports). All the above mentioned for the invitation email applies to the email to send the report.

Front cover template

In this section, you can customize what you want to appear on the cover of your report. Like the previous case, you can choose not to have the cover page showing your data, to show information you created previously, or to create a new custom template different from the ones you already have. Enter a recognizable and unique name for each template.