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In the first section, we configure the options of the project

Project name

Put a recognizable name for yourself, because if you have several projects, it will be easier for you to identify the one you want to manage from the list of projects.

Assigned users

These are the users who manage the project, by default the main user is the project creator. You can select or add other users to manage the project depending on the type of user (administrators, managers, controllers), you will better understand the types of users in the section “Users”.


This is the default language of the project. Note that although a project has a default language, within the project you can create invitations or download reports in other languages as well.

Assessed receive the report?

Tick here if you want the respondents to receive the generated report in PDF or not to receive it (e.g. for recruitment).

Receive copy of invitations?

If you wish to receive an email copy of all the invitations that are sent by the system with the access to each test, check this option. Sometimes this is used to be able to make a resend of the invitation email from your own mail system when the person being evaluated says they have not received it, however, at the same time you can get too many unnecessary emails, as you will always have the option to resend the invitation again from the project or send the link manually.

Additional Collaborators

Do you need someone (other than you or a user) to receive the same notifications or copies of reports (if you have checked that you wish to receive a copy) that you receive? This option allows you to enter one or more emails from other people (not those evaluated) who want to receive a copy of the notifications or reports, for example, the manager of those evaluated or the HR manager of the company.

Ho do I receive the reports?

You can choose whether you wish to receive by email a copy of each report generated or whether you wish to receive only notifications that an evaluation has been completed (without containing the pdf of the report, although it will always contain the link to download it). Of course, you can always download the PDFs from the Project Management section.