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Edit project options

When you have already created a project and want to change some of the options with which you created it, enter the project and you will see a bar that has a small arrow to the right that when you click it displays the project data

Once deployed you can click on the pencil icon to edit the project details. Among these details, you will see that the number of evaluations you originally assigned to this project can vary.

Edit the number of evaluations assigned to the project

You will see below an option called “Number of Assessments”. This option allows you to reduce or increase the number of evaluations assigned to your project. If, for example, you created the project for 6 evaluates, but only used 5 evaluations and you are not going to use the sixth one, you can recover those unused credits for your free credit account by decreasing the number of evaluations assigned to this project (if you had 6, you can put 5). In order to do this, that third evaluation cannot have an invitation created if it has one, mark it and delete it before modifying the assigned evaluations.

You can also increase the evaluations assigned to this project, just increase the number of evaluations (you need to have free credits for this option). The system will allocate the necessary credits to extend your project (if you do not have enough credits, acquire them first in the credit calculator).

Project customization

You can change the customization of emails or cover of project reports by editing this section by clicking the pen icon next to the title.