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Your Evaluacenter account can be used by different people at the same time, this is what we call “Users”. There are 4 types of users and each type defines what you can or cannot do or see on the platform (which we call “roles”). You can have several users of each type (e.g. several main administrators).

Main Administrators:

  • They can see and do everything on the platform.
  • An account must have at least one Main Administrator.
  • A main administrator can delete any other user, including other main administrators, however, the account must always have at least one Main Administrator.
  • You can create projects and assign them or include other users in projects.

Administrators (secondary):

  • They can:
    • Do everything a principal administrator does including buying credits
  • They can’t:
    • View projects created by main admins in which they have not been included as users


  • They can:
    • View only projects they have created or in which they are included as users
    • Create projects (if there are credits)
    • Create Target (job) DISC profiles
    • Create competencies and sets of competencies
    • Include other users in projects
  • They can’t:
    • View projects or evaluations (in the General Panel of Evaluates) in which they are not included as users of the project
    • Acquire credits
    • See nothing in the administration section

Controllers: They are usually supporting persons who create invitations or control who has or has not done the test to send them reminders, or download the reports, etc.

  • They can:
    • Access to the management of those projects in which they have been included.
  • They can’t:
    • See nothing on the platform except the management of their projects
    • Buy credits and create projects, etc.

When you create a new user who is not in the system, he will receive an email with the invitation and will agree to register his data in order to use the platform according to his role. If you are already in the system (for example, as evaluated), you will receive the invitation by email and you will log in with your email and password that you configured when you first accessed the platform.

Any user of any role can at the same time be evaluated (or be assigned with a Target DISC Profile test) since each user has in his desktop menu an option called “Personal Desktop” where he can perform the tests assigned to him.

In this section, you can see all the users of your account and which projects each one has assigned as well as delete users