Transform a basic or audit DISC report into a professional report with one-click

We are very happy to present a new functionality. Now any generated DISC report can be transformed into a higher one without the need to repeat the test.

What is it useful for?

Imagine that you have a recruitment project with many candidates.

  1. Have the Basic DISC (the cheapest) to everyone, which will give you an overview of all candidates
  2. The most interesting group of candidates upgrade their reports from the Basic to the Audit for more information
  3. To the last group of candidates that most interest us we can upgrade the Audit report to the Professional version with all the modules you we want

What is the cost?

  • DISC Basic (or sales basic) to DISC Audit = 9 credits
  • DISC Basic (or sales basic) to DISC Professional or Salesman = 18 credits
  • DISC Audit to DISC Professional or Sales = 11 credits

How is it done?

Either from Projects/Assessed General Panel or from the project where the evaluated is, select the report you want to upgrade and click the “Upgrade Report” button. A dialogue will open where you can select the type of report and modules as well as the total cost, confirm with the “Upgrade” button and when you download the report again you will see that it is the version you chose.

How to know which reports I have “upgrade” and which ones have not been in a project? Very simple, open the “Filters” section and you can filter the reports by their version. Keep in mind that if you “Upgrade” all the reports that are in a project, that project will become the type that upgraded (if you create new invitations will be the report version upgraded), but while keeping any report not “upgraded” the project will continue with the original report type for new invitations.