We have improved with new options the configuration of projects of Radar of Competences.

When creating a radar project you will see several new options on the project options screen

  • Weight of competences (existing): Allows to put weight to the competences that have an impact on the total final score of the person evaluated.
  • Who sets the target? (new): Now it is also possible to create projects without having a desired objective.
  • Are comments allowed? (new): Allows observers to put personal comments in their assessment of the questions.
  • Multiple levels? (existing): Allows observers to be differentiated by categories or levels
  • Identified levels (existing): Allows observers to be grouped by categories or levels or by number so that the levels are not identified.
  • Levels (existing): Choosing identified levels allows you to choose different levels, choosing unidentified levels allows you to choose the number of numbered levels
  • Weight by level? (new): Allows different weights to be given to the levels or categories of observers that affect the total final score of the person evaluated.

Now the Radar test can be rated at scores of 0.5 for greater accuracy in the rating.

In addition, when the project is configured so that the evaluated person also values the desired objective, we have incorporated a new type of questioning that has given a more accurate result in the studies and tests that we have carried out.

If this has been configured in the options, the observers will see a pencil icon that when clicking opens a window for entering comments on each question (this is indicated in the test instructions). The comments will be reflected on the last page of the report, identified only by their level.

In the report you will see a new page with indicators of the total valuation including the weighting of competences and levels of observers (if these options were activated).