New DISC Customer Service Module

The Customer Service Style DISC Module helps identify the characteristics of the evaluated when they have to serve or service customers. It is designed to take advantage of the strengths of their style and strengthen weaknesses, as well as help fit the right people in...

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New function Export Group Radar’s Data

You can export all radar valuations to excel. In any Competency Radar Project you will see a button called "Group Data", when you click on it, a window will be displayed with the option to generate a report in excel. The system will download an excel with those...

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New radar re-evaluation function

Now re-evaluating a Radar competencies is much easier... A Competency Radar project can be re-evaluated twice at any time. Before creating a re-evaluation of a project, you must take two things into account: In order to re-evaluate a project, it must be complete (all...

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New report’s upgrade function

Transform a basic or audit DISC report into a professional report with one-click We are very happy to present a new functionality. Now any generated DISC report can be transformed into a higher one without the need to repeat the test. What is it useful for? Imagine...

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Unusual Profiles in DISC Reports

As you should know if you are certified in DISC Methodology, there are 3 unusual profiles, also called transition profiles, each of these profiles has a special meaning that makes these profiles "transient". The three unusual profiles are: Transition profile (or...

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New functions

Ahora es fácil identificar el proyecto en el que estamos ya que aparece en la pantalla de Gestión del Proyecto en la barra de "Configuración del proyecto"         Cuando se crea un test de perfil objetivo DISC (o perfil de...

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Platform status

Sunday, 7 April 2019
Due to the strong update of the system, there may be some bugs in the use of the platform that will be solved in the coming days.